Amber Leigh

Lolly and Amber smoking kissing closeup | 31st December 2019

Amber Leigh smoking Marlboro reds - damaged movie 100s | 25th November 2019

This movie was badly damaged and had a lot of frame drops but I have edited it as well as possible and is better than never showing the movie

Amber Leigh smoking all white 120s cigarettes | 1st March 2017

Amber Leigh chain smoking 2 VS all white 100s | 11th September 2014

Amber Leigh smokes from home | 28th July 2011

Amber Leigh smoking interview | 15th September 2009

Pornstar Amber Leigh smokes Marlboro Reds 100's cigarettes while being interviewed about her smoking habit and Amber tells all about how much she loves smoking and how she would never give it up

Lolly Badcock and Amber Leigh smoking and kissing | 15th September 2009

Top UK Pornstars Lolly Badcock and Amber Leigh smoke Marlboro Reds 100's cigarettes as they smoke and kiss. This has got to be the best smoking kissing scene I have ever filmed and ever seen. The kissing and the smoking is so intense and the swapping of smoke is amazing. This is also the 1st scene that involves 2 cameras and the closeups are super close, there is also some slow motion bits aswell. Check out the slow motion preview movie below to see just how hot this movie is