Carla Swales

Carla Swales smokes all white 120 cigarettes | 18th September 2016

Bonny blonde Carla Swales stands in a black studio wearing stocking and suspenders and a figure hugging short blue dress. Carla smokes all white 120 cigarettes with a lovely relaxed style. She takes long deep drag's of her cigarette and exhales thick streams of smoke

Carla Swales smoking all white 120's topless | 5th November 2011

Carla Swales smoking while doing her makeup | 23rd January 2011

Carla Swales smokes while texting | 10th November 2010

Carla Swales smokes Marlboro lights 100's cigarettes while wearing lingerie with stockings and suspenders as she texts on her phone. Carla's smoking is very natural and elegant and the view of her sexy bum as she smokes is stunning. There are some really nice dangles in this movie