Chloe Toy

Chloe smoking all white 100s in a little dress | 25th October 2016

Chloe chain smoking corks topless in fishnets | 20th October 2016

Chloe smoking brown cigarettes on the pool table | 14th October 2016

Chloe Toy loves to inhale her cigar | 11th October 2016

Chloe Toy chain smoking corks while laying down | 27th February 2016

Chloe Toy smoking while being driven to the shoot | 26th February 2016

Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery so it is only a short movie but still worth a watch

Danielle and Chloe long smoking kisses | 5th January 2015

Chloe chain smoking strong Benson and Hedges corks cigarettes | 5th January 2015

Chloe and Tiffany smoking all white 120s super slims | 2nd January 2015

Chloe Toy smoking Marlboro reds in a see through dress | 30th December 2014

Chloe smoking in a little dress | 20th September 2014

Chloe smoking strong marlboro reds nude | 20th September 2014

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