Elizabeth M Lawrence

EML talks to the camera as she smokes | 12th June 2010

Ozzie pornstar Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence teases you with her smoke as she sits in a black studio and lights an all white slim cigarette with matches. In this great scene with a difference, Elizabeth looks at the camera as she talks to you

Elizabeth smoking and looking at you | 31st January 2010

Elizabeth relaxes on the bed as she smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes whilst looking at you

EML reads a magazine as she smokes | 16th February 2010

Taking a cigarette break, Elizabeth sits in the black studio reading a magazine as she smokes a Marlboro Light 100's cigarette

EML smokes in skimpy knickers and vest | 15th January 2010

Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence sits on the bed wearing skimpy little knickers and a white vest whilst smoking all white 120's cigarettes

Elizabeth smokes all whites 120's wearing gloves | 16th November 2009

Elizabeth Michelle Laurence smokes EVE Lights 120's cigarettes in the comfort of her own bedroom wearing sexy elegant elbow lenght gloves. Watch out for Elizabeth's great dangling during this scene as she manages to dangle her cigarette whilst smoking and inhaling at the same time