Sophie L and Lauren smoking strong Marlboro reds cigarettes | 2nd August 2019

Sound missing due to corrupted

Sophie L and Lauren smoke swapping | 11th January 2017

Sophie L and Lauren smoke Marlborough lights cigarettes whilst experimenting with smoke swapping. Both girls are relaxed passionate smokers and love getting the extra kick by inhaling the others exhaled smoke. Plenty of snap inhales, open mouth inhales as they passionately look at you

Sophie L and Lauren smoke swapping | 30th June 2016

Wow, wow, wow. Super hot movie of two stunning models Sophie L and Lauren smoking Marlboro Red 100's cigarettes. These two will have you on the edge of your seat as they exchange smoke in a super sexy scene

Sophie L and Lauren smoking all white 120's | 23rd June 2016

Sophie L and Lauren smoke all white 120's cigarettes. Jam packed with smoking tricks, including snap inhales, french inhales, nose exhales, smoke rings, open mouth inhales. This movie certainly won't disappoint

Lauren smoking Marlboro Reds | 22nd June 2016

Lauren lays on the sofa wearing silky lingerie smoking strong Marlboro Red corks cigarettes. Lauren is a passionate smoker displaying sexy open mouth inhales and nose exhales

Sophie and Lauren smoking and talking in white tights | 7th April 2016

Old movie previously corrupted but recovered and edited

Sophie and Lauren 120s smoke swapping | 31st May 2014

Lauren smoking Marlboro reds while reading | 19th April 2014

Sophie and Lauren smoking interview and tricks | 27th March 2012