Lyla Ashby

Lyla Ashby smoking interview | 21st June 2016

Bonny blonde Lyla Ashby smoke's Marlboro Light cork's cigarettes as she is interviewed about her smoking life. Lyla has a lovely relaxed smoking style which is very natural

Lyla Ashby smoking all white 120's | 15th June 2016

Lyla Ashby chills on the sofa to smoke an all white 120's cigarette. Laying topless showing us her pert tits as she takes drags on her elegant long cigarette

Lyla smoking corks 120s cigarettes | 9th October 2012

Lyla smoking 120s and revealing her huge titties | 5th October 2012

Lyla Ashby smoking corks on the bed | 1st October 2012

Lyla Ashby all white 120s smoking makeup | 28th September 2012