Rose W smoking corks 120s cigarettes in a little dress | 4th April 2020

JaimeyLee smoking corks 120s while doing her nails | 24th March 2020

JaimeyLee and Mary Jane smoking corks 120s in pyjamas | 22nd February 2020

Leah smoking corks 120s cigarettes | 12th December 2019

Charley Atwell corks closeup compilaton 2 | 27th November 2019

Haydies smokinng Saratoga corks 120s cigarettes | 11th November 2019

Sasha Steele smoking corks 120s topless in the sun | 3rd October 2019

Rachel C smoking corks 120's | 3rd July 2016

Rachel C smokes cork's 120's cigarettes by the pool. Rachel is a heavy smoker deeply inhaling every drag. Rachel shows us her relaxed smoking style in this scene, taking long drags, holding before exhaling long thick streams of smoke

Kimberley smoking corks 120s topless | 14th March 2016