Kara Carter smoking strong cigarettes using a cigarette holder | 15th November 2017

Sohpie L smoking with a cigarette holder | 11th January 2017

The stunning brunette Sophie L is all dressed up with no where to go, so passes time by smoking a Marlborough cigarette with a cigarette holder. Surely one of you would love to take this smoking stunner to dinner..... Sophie lights her cigarette with matches, then takes long hard pulls with deep inhales and elegantly exhales the smoke as she looks you right in the eye

Luci smoking with a cigarette holder as she teases you | 24th March 2016

Rachel Carter smoking tricks | 16th September 2009

The hardcore amazing smoker Rachel Carter is back on another movie and as usual she is amazing, mine and many many others favourite smoker around. Rachel smokes strong Benson and Hedges 100's cigarettes. You can see all smoking tricks in this scene but what Rachel does best is her sexy open mouth inhales and double pumps and there are a lot of both in this great movie. Enjoy