JaimeyLee corks 100s smoking makeup | 13th March 2020

Hayley M reading while smoking all white 100s cigarettes | 30th October 2019

Sophie L smoking corks 100s while reading - The last Sophie L missing movie | 12th August 2019

The last Sophie L missing movie

Charley Atwell chain smoking all white 100s while doing her makeup | 29th September 2016

Molly smoking all white 120s while doing her makeup | 23rd September 2016

Becky dangling while doing her nails | 11th April 2016

Fairly short movie due to corruption but well worth watching for dangling fans

Chloe and Carley all white 100s smoking makeup in lingerie | 10th March 2016

Rebeccah Leah chain smokes strong B and H corks 100s while playing pool | 7th March 2016

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