Lolly and Amber smoking kissing closeup | 31st December 2019

Amber Leigh smoking Marlboro reds - damaged movie 100s | 25th November 2019

This movie was badly damaged and had a lot of frame drops but I have edited it as well as possible and is better than never showing the movie

Michelle Moist smoking all white 100s slims cigarettes | 22nd November 2019

Michelle Moist smoking corks 100s cigarettes with lots of smoke rings | 18th October 2019

Kara Carter smoking a big cigar naked | 9th September 2019

Jaimey smoking two all white 100s cigarettes in a silk gown | 25th August 2019

Ella Mai the missing nude all white 120s movie | 25th July 2019

Sophie L smoking strong Marlboro reds 100s corks cigarettes | 13th July 2019

Chloe and Carly smoking and kissing while wearing latex dresses | 11th February 2019

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